A documentary film maker and a public figure from Norway Zoia Vylka Ravna spoke with the director of the center for development of tourism of Tarko-Salye Galina Artemyeva.

The presentation of the regional project “My profession is a geologist” took place on the 24th of August in the town Kiten within the international youth festival “We are for peace in the whole world”.

On the 24th of August the governor of Yamal Dmitriy Kobylkin arrived to Beliy Island. He spoke with volunteers of the ecological expedition on cleaning of the island from accumulated ecological damage.

The center for development of tourism of the town Tarko-Salye organized and conducted the bicycle expedition for its pupils around surrounding water-reservoirs. The young ecologists studied their hydrological, hydro-chemical and hydro-biological characteristics.

Journalists of Yamal are participating in the forum “Tavrida”

Вторник, 23 августа 2016 09:01

Yamal on the all-Russian educational forum “Tavrida at Bakal Spit” is being represented by the managing editor of the regional state TV and radio company “Yamal-Region” Pavel Popereshnichenko, a TV presenter of the state TV and radio company “Yamal” Andrey Silenko and a correspondent of the TV channel “Noyabrsk 24” Oksana Zaychukova.

The expedition on study of water area of the Pyako-Pur River was started in Purovskiy district. It was organized by the center for development of tourism (the town Tarko-Salye). Members of the union of active tourists from the district center are participating in it. Activists from Purovsk and Gubkinskiy will join later.

Scientists found remnants of a mammoth on the Gydan Peninsula

Понедельник, 22 августа 2016 11:01

The scientific expedition to the Gydan Peninsula collected rich materials. These are samples of vegetation, water and soil, geophysical data about state of permafrost in the district of Parisento Lake, remnants of mammoth fauna and archeological findings.

The youth festival “We are for peace in the whole world” in Bulgaria

Понедельник, 22 августа 2016 11:00

The international forum-festival of youth “We are for peace in the whole world” is being opened in Bulgaria, Kiten on the 22nd of August for the 8th time.

About 200 people from 18 to 30 years old presenting Russian regions and also near and far foreign countries will participate in it.
This year the youth event is dedicated to the Year of youth initiatives in Yamal and the Year of Russian cinema.

The participants of the interregional public ecological-sociological organization “Green Arctic” addressed to their colleagues from international organizations - the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace with a request to share experience on struggle against anthrax.

The Ecologist’s Day is on the 5th of June

Пятница, 03 июня 2016 09:02

The World Environment Day established by the United Nations and celebrated annually on the 5th of June for all ecologists and environmental organizations is one of the main ways to attract global attention to environmental issues. The holiday was established in June of 1972 on the Stockholm conference on problems of the environment.

The baby mammoth Lyuba is going to Rostov-on-Don

Четверг, 02 июня 2016 09:11

The exhibition “The finding of the Edge of the Earth” will be opened in Rostov-on-Don on the 14th of June in the state museum of Mikhail Sholokhov.

The ethnic festival “Soul of tundra” will take place in Salekhard from the 17th to the 19th of June.

A new tourist route “The easternmost point of Europe” will be presented in Yamal in summer.

The chess player from Salekhard Alexandra Goryachkina stands unbeaten on the European Championship held in the Romanian town of Mamaia.

The unique expedition “The Great Northern Route - 2016” was included to the Russian Book of Records.