The expedition by dog sleds will take place in Yamal for the first time

Среда, 28 декабря 2016 08:57 Опубликовано в News in English

The expedition by dog sleds will take place next March in Yamal. The event is dedicated to the Year of ecology and the 100th anniversary of nature conservation in Russia.

The expedition will take place within the project ARCTIC SPIRIT created in 2012 and dedicated to creation and development of a kennel of Nordic sledge dogs in the arctic region. An employee of the company “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg” Dmitriy Zhdan from Noviy Urengoy is an organizer and an ideological inspirer of the expedition. Members of the Russian geographical society and enthusiastic people will participate in the expedition.
The travelers plan to overcome the route in 1500 kilometers during a month. The start will take place in Noviy Urengoy, and the finish – in Salekhard.
A sled will consist of 10 grownup dogs of Mikhail Glushko and one half-year-old Husky dog. The travelers will take three-layer winter tents and down sleeping bags designed for harsh climatic conditions. According to a suggestion of a senior priest of Noviy Urengoy church, father Oleg, it is planned to set the memorial cross dedicated to pathfinders on Shokalsky Island. It is supposed that the priests will join the expedition in Gyda and will hold a religious service at the exaltation of the cross.
In the opinion of the members of the group, the future of sledge-dog breeding in Yamal will depend on success of the expedition.
Shokalsky Island is situated in the Kara Sea at the entrance to the Gulf of Ob. It is related to the territory of Tazovskiy district. Till 1926 the island was called Agnes, the modern name was given in the honor of a Russian scientist-geographer, an ocean scientist, a cartographer, a lieutenant-general, the chairman of the Russian geographical society Yuly Shokalsky.
An izba (a little house) and production rooms of fishermen of Gyda fish-processing plant were situated earlier on the coast of the island. Now only the izba remained. The scientific and research base “Gydansky” was formed nearby. There are many little brooks and lakes on the island. The Eastern-Atlantic flight route of water and semi-aquatic birds goes through the territory of the island.
39 species of birds, 8 species of fish were registered on the island. The polar bear, the wild reindeer and many polar foxes can be seen among mammals.
As the press-service of the governor of Yamal informs, the test ride of an expedition dog sled of 12 Husky dogs will start from the settlement Yagelny, Nadymskiy district on the 1st of January. The expedition will go along the route through the settlements Yagelny, Pravokhettinsky, Pangody and the town Noviy Urengoy. The test ride will be completed on the 7th of January.