Customs officers of Yamal registered more than five hundred thousand tonnes of cargoes in the settlement Sabetta

Четверг, 29 декабря 2016 08:45 Опубликовано в News in English

This year in the settlement Sabetta customs officers of Yamal registered 120 arrivals of sea ships with cargoes with the total weight in 505 thousand and 60 tonnes and 100 departures of sea ships with cargoes with the total weight in 616 thousand and 900 tonnes.

The geography of countries-senders of goods is various. Cargoes come from China, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Korea, the USA, Finland and Spain, as well as from Russian sea and river ports.
Basically road stone, cement, components for building and equipping of the plant on production of liquefied natural gas of the South-Tambey gas condensate field are delivered to Sabetta. Only previously temporarily imported goods - marine vessels and equipment – are taken out. After commissioning of the plant on liquefaction of hydrocarbons it is planned to export liquefied natural gas during the whole year round. 1542 million and 740 thousand rubles were allocated to the state budget within fulfillment of the investment project.
As it is reported to IA “Sever-Press” in the press-service of the Yamal-Nenets customs office, since the beginning of this year the customs officers have registered 5 aircrafts that arrived from China, Germany and the United Kingdom with foreign passengers and cargo intended for building and equipping of the LNG-plant, and 5 aircrafts that departed. The procedure of customs transit on 16 declarations (in 2015 – on 22 transit declarations) was completed, the total weight of goods made 13 thousand and 390 tonnes (in 2015 - 45 thousand tonnes).
The officers issued 628 declarations on goods received in the seaport and the airport of Sabetta, the goods turnover made 5206 million and 300 thousand dollars, the cargo turnover – 355 thousand and 500 tonnes (in 2015 year - 156 declarations on goods, the goods turnover made 1065 million and 400 thousand dollars, the cargo turnover – 460 thousand and 200 tonnes).
Operation of the seaport of Sabetta greatly simplifies fulfillment of other major industrial projects of the Russian Federation. Thus, in the period August - September of 2016 delivery of complex large-scale equipment for “Tobolsk-Neftekhim” was fulfilled in short time. The cargo from Belgium arrived to Sabetta on the Northern Sea Route, from where it was sent immediately under the procedure of customs transit to the consignee in Tobolsk. The goods were delivered from the Gulf of Ob on the Ob River and the Irtysh River along the towns Salekhard, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tobolsk. Use of the Northern Sea Route significantly reduces time and transportation expenditures for participants of external economic activity.
Now the Yamal-Nenets customs office is ready to provide not only the process of declaration but also all the preceding customs operations at the arrival (departure) of goods on to the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union by sea and air transport.