The travel from Noviy Urengoy to Shokalsky Island was postponed for next year

Понедельник, 09 января 2017 09:05 Опубликовано в News in English

The big travel on dog sleds from Noviy Urengoy to Shokalsky Island planned for March was postponed for next year.


Such decision was taken by the results of the test drive started from the settlement Yagelniy on the second of January. According to the plan, the extreme travelers should have reached Noviy Urengoy; however they were able to overcome only 80 kilometers from the settlement Yagelniy, as the news agency informs.
The participants of the expedition wrote in their diary that machinery was not able to operate within strong frosts. Snowmobiles and a towing vehicle should have gone ahead of the dog sled. Their task was to make the route for the dogs and to deliver equipment and food. But the towing vehicle stopped operating normally in the frost 49C degrees below zero, and snowmobiles were not able to cope with additional cargoes. According to one of the participants of the test drive Danil Khusainov, it was decided not to risk with health and life of the people. The travelers plan to fulfill additional tests of vehicles and to try to fulfill one more test drive. The main travel on the route with the length 1500 kilometers from Noviy Urengoy to Shokalsky Island was postponed for 2018.