Dmitry Kobylkin: The Arctic needs young professionals

Среда, 17 мая 2017 15:53 Опубликовано в News in English
Dmitry Kobylkin: The Arctic needs young professionals

The governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Dmitry Kobylkin participated in the sitting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the Party “United Russia” in the regime of the videoconference.

The chairperson of the Supreme Council of the party Boris Gryzlov conducted the dialogue session on discussion of important issues of development of youth policy. All members of the Bureau participated in the sitting. The participants shared opinions and suggestions on issues of job placement and employment of young people.
Dmitry Kobylkin expressed his suggestion, having presented analytics on demands of the Yamal Arctic in new specialists of working professions. In particular, he presented the strategic project “Yamal LNG” as an example. About 30 thousand employees are working on its objects. The growth took place during several years, and it is just on one industrial platform. Soon many important building projects and productions will be started up in the arctic region: development of the Gydan peninsula and shelves, activation of work of ports and increase in intensity of work of the Northern Sea Route, fulfillment of the infrastructural project “Energy of the Arctic” and many others, as the press-service of the governor of Yamal informs.
New stages of advancement of industrial projects confirm the synergistic effect in creating and providing of new working places for specialists not only in Yamal but in other regions of the Russian Federation. Soon major infrastructural projects related to development of the continental shelf, of the Northern Sea Route, port infrastructure will be fulfilled. The authorities associate growth of incomes of the Russian Federation and the region with these projects. The effect was seen at fulfillment of the project “Yamal LNG” - 650 companies from 55 Russian regions were involved to the work. In other words, one place in the Arctic forms 14 working places in general in the country, as Dmitry Kobylkin says.
The governor tells that basically young people work on the new object, professionals are being searched around the whole country, and corporate training or retraining is being conducted. “Strong, healthy and professional young people work here, we see exactly such youth of the future – hard-working. This is the basis of the future of any country. I understand that it is very difficult - to reallocate labor resources of big cities of the country to the North, but I think it will happen inevitably. It depends on ourselves, if we are able to do this in a systematic manner or not”, Dmitry Kobylkin said.
The suggestion of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug “Working staff for the Arctic” was sent for inclusion to the general set of recommendations of the dialogue platform of the party “United Russia” (Yedinaya Rossiya). The project foresees advanced supply of economy of the region with workers on the basis of industrial and economic growth; it has interdepartmental and interregional character.
Bringing norms and terms of interaction between bodies of the power, enterprises and educational institutions on providing with personnel of investment projects being fulfilled in the Arctic into federal normative legal acts and programs on development of the Arctic is a necessary condition.
The suggestions of the party will be sent for scrutinizing to deputies of the State Duma on thematic sessions. The parliamentary hearings on the Strategy of fulfillment of youth policy in the Russian Federation will take place on the 22nd of May.