Construction of a “small arena” will be started in Salekhard this year

Четверг, 18 мая 2017 15:16 Опубликовано в News in English
Construction of a “small arena” will be started in Salekhard this year

14 objects of sport are being designed and built in Yamal. 7 of them are being constructed within the targeted investment program of Yamal and 7 – at the expenses of fuel and energy enterprises.

Many objects were built in the eastern part of the region within the agreement with the company “Gazprom Neft”. These are: a covered ice sports ground in Salekhard, an ice arena in Noyabrsk, a football field and an ice arena in Tarko-Salye, a sports complex in Muravlenko, where it is also planned to input an ice arena to operation. Completion of building of a sports complex and an ice arena is being planned in Labytnangi. This information was given by the director of the department of building and housing policy of the region Yuriy Teryayev.
It is planned that an ice hockey rink in Muravlenko will start operating this autumn. Training lessons on ice hockey, figure skating and short track speed skating will take place in the building.
According to the words of Yuriy Teryayev, in Salekhard it is planned to build the so-called “small arena” – a big multifunctional sports complex with the total area in 30 thousand square meters. It will include a 50-meter swimming pool and an ice rink. The case of the object with input of the first stage of construction to operation will be ready in March of 2018.