Schoolchildren of Yamal will learn about heroic deeds of polar explorers

Четверг, 18 мая 2017 15:21 Опубликовано в News in English
Schoolchildren of Yamal will learn about heroic deeds of polar explorers

The unified thematic lesson “The Arctic – the front facade of Russia” will take place in all schools of Yamal on the 19th of May. It is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the first Russian drifting expedition “The North Pole”.

According to the information given to a correspondent of IA “Sever-Press” by the head specialist of the department of education of Yamal Tatiana Shevyakhova, children will learn about significance and unique character of the Arctic. Representatives of the town and regional authorities, scientists and representatives of the public society will become honored guests on the lessons.
As we should note, the drift of the research station “The North Pole” began eighty years ago in the Arctic. Explorers Ivan Papanin, Pyotr Shirshov, Yevgeniy Fyodorov and Ernst Krenkel spent 274 days in the expedition from the end of May of 1937 to the 19th of February of 1938. During this time an ice floe with the researchers overcame more than two thousand kilometers from the North Pole to the coast of Greenland.
They researched meteorological conditions, sea currents and ice in the Central Arctic. After the expedition all four polar explorers were given the title of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and doctors of geographical sciences.
The expedition “The North Pole” provided the record Trans-Arctic flights of Valery Chkalov and Mikhail Gromov from the Soviet Union to North America with meteorological data almost immediately after the start of the drift.
The concept of drifting polar stations in the Arctic was considered successful, and by the end of the fifties of the twentieth century the drifting expeditions “The North Pole” became practically permanent.