Falk Tischendorf conquered the Siberian Ob River

Понедельник, 17 июля 2017 10:16 Опубликовано в News in English
Falk Tischendorf conquered the Siberian Ob River

A German swimmer Falk Tischendorf crossed the great Siberian Ob River in three hours. 

He successfully overcame twenty-two kilometers from the town Labytnangi to the village Gornoknyazevsk. Now the list of the conquered rivers includes not only the Volga, the Lena and the Yenisei but also the Ob River.
As a swimming coach Alexandra Viryasova notes, the swimmer passed the distance correctly, swam ahead of the schedule on one hour. First there were little difficulties with breathing, then everything returned to normal.
The event was organized by the personal initiative of Falk, who is a professional swimmer on long distances. As a result, he has the idea to swim across all the big rivers of Russia. According to his words, Volga is soft, Yenisei is dark and powerful, and Lena is tricky and big. Ob is good and kind. In August Tischendorf plans to swim across Lake Ladoga, and in September he plans to return to Yamal with a new project.
After the swim the German guest conducted the charity event in the school-kindergarten of the village Gornoknyazevsk. The children were given sports equipment, equipment for gymnasium and outdoor sports, sewing machines.