Delicacies made of venison and berries from Yamal received medals on the exhibition of Ural Federal Okrug

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Delicacies made of venison and berries from Yamal received medals on the exhibition of Ural Federal Okrug Фото


Agricultural enterprises of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug received 17 medals in different categories on the eighth interregional agro-industrial exhibition of Ural Federal Okrug in Tyumen. The representatives of Yamal were awarded with five golden, five silver and seven bronze medals, as the regional department of agro-industrial complex, trade and foodstuff reports.


The production firm “Nyda-resource” from Nadymskiy district was marked with prizes for delicacies of venison with cranberries and pine nuts, ravioli with round-nosed whitefish, berry drinks and delicacies of blueberries, cranberries and cloudberries. Another company from Nadymskiy district “Vozrozhdeniye” won hearts of the jury and guests with semi-finished products, dried products and tinned venison. The enterprise “Yamalskiye Oleni” (Yamal Reindeer) again received recognition for smoked products and sausages, the Salekhard fish-processing plant - for tinned products of burbot liver, Siberian whitefish (pydschjan) in tomato sauce and ide in jelly and for fish preserves of pike and smelt. The Moscow Company “Ferment” was marked with the prize for high-quality biologically active additives for food made of endocrine-enzyme raw materials of reindeer.
The Yamal experimental station participated in the exposition of the Autonomous Okrug; its research base is located in Tyumen. Its unique elaborations - means for treatment of reindeer at oedemagenosis and protection from midges - became worthy exhibits presented by Yamal in the sphere of science and received the silver medal of the exhibition.
The interregional agro-industrial exhibition is one of the biggest events of Ural Federal Okrug in the sphere of agriculture. It is a prestigious and authoritative platform to discuss problems and prospects of domestic agricultural industry and demonstration its latest achievements. This year the exhibition gathered about 100 agricultural and scientific enterprises of the Ural region.