Development of the Arctic oil and gas resources will be discussed in Saint Petersburg

Вторник, 12 сентября 2017 14:56 Опубликовано в News in English
Development of the Arctic oil and gas resources will be discussed in Saint Petersburg Фото

The 13th International Conference and Exhibition for Oil and Gas Resources Development of the Russian Arctic and CIS Continental Shelf - RAO/CIS Offshore 2017 was opened in Saint Petersburg on the 12th of September. Representatives of the power, specialists of domestic and foreign companies, scientists are participating in the event.

RAO/CIS Offshore 2017 includes conducting the plenary session on fulfillment of shelf projects as a driver of industrial and economic development with participation of more than 600 heads of specialized ministries and top-managers of the largest energy companies. Also it is planned to conduct 10 round tables and the exhibition exposition. The agenda includes issues connected with strengthening of resource potential of the continental shelf of Russia and fulfillment of global energy projects in the Arctic: state of the level of study of mineral and raw material base, prospects of creation of modern equipment on enterprises of Russia, ecological and industrial security and enlargement of international business relations. More than 200 reports will be presented on the conference, as it is informed on the website of RAO/CIS Offshore 2017. More than 250 companies from Russia and other 14 countries will participate in the event. The exhibition exposition will demonstrate potential of domestic and foreign leaders of sea oil and gas extraction, current and prospect projects, equipment and technologies.
RAO/CIS Offshore is being organized by the government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for energy, the Ministry for natural resources of Russia, the Federal agency on subsoil use, the scientific council of the RAS on problems of geology and development of oil-gas fields and coal deposits, “Gazprom” and “RESTEC”.