Education of Yamal: active development

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Education of Yamal: active development

Yamal was included to the five regions dynamically developing innovative activity. Educational organizations participate in federal competitions for grants.

Four schools and three houses of creative work received the status of the federal innovation platform. Innovative experience of the educational system of Yamal on development of ethno-cultural education was presented in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation within the Days of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Participants of the meeting, which was conducted by the director of the regional department of education Marina Kravets, summed up the results of work of the department and subordinate organizations.
The second Arctic educational forum was marked among achievements of the educational system of the region. The passport of the project “Working personnel for the Arctic” was approved, the movements “Young professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) and Abilympics are developed in Yamal. 37 grants were allocated for fulfillment of innovative projects on development of preschool, primary, basic and secondary general, vocational and additional education and also for support of organizations for children-orphans. Subsidies were given to four nonprofit organizations for fulfillment of socially oriented educational projects and also to municipal bodies for development of educational systems.
In 2018 efforts will be directed to preservation of accessibility of preschool education, providing of hundred-percent coverage of children with preschool education in conditions of nomadic camps and increase in accessibility and variability of programs, the range of specialized and corporate classes. In colleges it is planned to provide introduction of the federal state educational standard of the TOP 50 professions, to test the methodology of conducting of the demonstration examination and also to improve quality and accessibility of programs for people with disabilities. Teaching and methodological materials of the new generation for the 1st – 4th classes in Nenets and Khanty languages will be tested. Development of the set in Selkoup and Komi languages (Izhma dialect) will be organized.