The East-Messoyakha gave more than 3 million tonnes of oil. Plans for the future are impressive

Четверг, 28 декабря 2017 11:38 Опубликовано в News in English
The East-Messoyakha gave more than 3 million tonnes of oil. Plans for the future are impressive

During a year of industrial operation in the East-Messoyakhskoye field the company “Messoyakhaneftegaz” extracted 3 million and 160 thousand tonnes of oil, what is almost on 130 thousand tonnes more than the planned amount. 10 thousand and 700 tonnes of hydrocarbons are extracted per day from subsoil of Messoyakha. 

This year more than 130 oil wells were built in the northernmost oil field among ones being developed on land, some of them – on the technology “fishbone” and construction on the method of multihole completion.
Some technologies for development of difficult reserves of the Arctic being used in the East-Messoyakhskoye field have no analogues in Russia. Thus, the country’s first well with five cased boreholes on the level TAML-3 and a horizontal well with two pilot boreholes and two sidetracks with high difficulty index were built this year.
In 2017 technology of intensification of production were widely used in the East-Messoyakhskoye field: operations on hydraulic fracturing in a poorly consolidated reservoir on the main oil-bearing area located in 800 meters from the surface of tundra and operations on exploratory wells of deep deposits were fulfilled. Also experimental-industrial work on polymer water flooding was started. This year “Messoyakhaneftegaz” started development of lower oil-bearing horizons located at the depth of about 4 thousand meters and complicated with abnormally high layer pressure. The results of the first tests confirmed high resource potential of these areas. This information was given to the news agency “Sever-Press” in the board of corporate communications of the company.
As the director general of “Messoyakhaneftegaz” Viktor Sorokin notes, the first year of “Messoyakhaneftegaz” in the status of the extracting company demonstrated effectiveness of innovative approaches to development of difficult reserves of the continental Arctic. To ensure high dynamics of extraction amounts and increase in oil production the company intends to fulfill the program on geological prospecting and hydraulic fracturing in the Western-Messoyakha in 2018. It is planned to work on the project on development of deep oil-bearing horizons and widely to use technologies of influx intensification, which include construction of complex wells on the method of multihole completion.
Next year the company will begin active work on additional exploration of the West-Messoyakhskoye license area, reserves and resources of which, by estimates, are comparable with the East-Messoyakha. In addition, work on geological study of gas objects to organize temporary underground storage of associated petroleum gas being extracted in the East-Messoyakha will be started in the West-Messoyakha under the license of “Rosnedra”. In 2018 “Messoyakhaneftegaz” plans to deliver over 4 million tonnes of oil to the system of oil pipelines “Zapolyarye – Purpe”.