The first consignment of gas from “Yamal LNG” was sent to the USA

Вторник, 09 января 2018 08:58 Опубликовано в News in English


The French company Engie will deliver the cargo from the project “Yamal LNG” on the 22nd of January from Great Britain to Boston. 


The tanker “Gaselys” belonging to the company is carrying liquefied natural gas from the British terminal Isle of Grain to Everett regasification terminal near Boston. “Gaselys” stood up for loading directly after unloading of the tanker “Christophe de Margerie” with the first cargo from the plant of NOVATEK in Yamal.
The abrupt rise in prices for gas on the eastern coast of the USA is considered the reason for the transaction, as “Energo-News” informs. Due to the recent snow storm the prices rose to unprecedented 6.3 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters. As it is noted by James Henderson from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, the delivery of Russian gas from Yamal to the USA will not become a tendency; it is an illustration of growing globalization of the gas market. This is the meaning of LNG; it goes where there is demand, as he says.
One of traders notes that in winter it is difficult to find free, non-contracted amounts; therefore, transactions with such strange geography happen quite often.