Icebreakers for the Arctic. “Andrey Vilkitsky” is getting ready to work in Yamal

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Icebreakers for the Arctic. “Andrey Vilkitsky” is getting ready to work in Yamal

Vyborg shipyard continues construction of the icebreaker “Andrey Vilkitsky”. This is the second icebreaking vessel after “Alexander Sannikov”, which is being created by the project Aker Arc 130A. The icebreakers will service the Arctic terminal of Novoportovskoye field of the company “Gazprom Neft” located in the Gulf of Ob of the Yamal Peninsula.

The icebreaker “Andrey Vilkitsky” was laid in December 2015; the ship was launched to water in July last year. It was named after a Russian polar explorer, the head of the Main hydrographic office of Andrey Vilkitsky (1858 - 1913). Equipment is being assembled on the ship now, as reports. The power of the icebreaker makes 22 megawatt, class – “Icebreaker 8”. The length of the ship makes 121.7 meters, the width - 26 meters, the draft of the ship is 8.2 meters, the deadweight 3400 tonnes. Propulsion and steering system of the icebreaker Aker Arc 130A consists of three modules Azipod – on the prow with the capacity 6.5 megawatt and two on the stern with the capacity 7.5 megawatt each.
It is noteworthy that assemblage of the propulsion and steering system on the icebreakers of the project Aker Arc 130A is fulfilled not at a slipway, as usually, but by locating a ship on water area of the plant with use of a special technological pontoon.
Soon the icebreaking vessel “Andrey Vilkitsky” will go to the place of work to the Yamal Peninsula. However, the shipbuilders do not disclose the exact terms.