Investments in one and a half trillion rubles in Yamal

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Investments in one and a half trillion rubles in Yamal

The department of economy of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug prepared the updated forecast of socioeconomic development of the region till 2020. The updated forecast presented “baseline” and “targeted” scenarios that predict growth of investment activity. 

The amount of investments in the major capital in comparable prices in 2018-2020 will grow on an average on 2 percent per year under the baseline scenario and 3 percent under the targeted scenario. As the press-service of the governor of Yamal informs, at current prices the amount of investments in 2018 under the baseline variant will reach 1 348.8 milliard (1 trillion 348 milliard and 800 million) rubles, the targeted variant - 1 361.7 milliard (1 trillion 361 milliard and 700 million) rubles; in 2020 – 1578.8 milliard (1 trillion 578 milliard and 800 million) and 1 634.6 milliard (1 trillion 634 milliard and 600 million) rubles respectively.
The main share - about 82 percent of the total amount of investments will be presented with allocations to projects of fuel and energy complex. Now 30 priority investment projects are being fulfilled in Yamal on the total sum more than 2 trillion and 800 milliard rubles, in the medium-term prospect they will provide flow of investments to the region. The largest projects are the following: the project “Yamal LNG” for exploration and development of reserves of the South-Tambey field and construction of the plant on production of liquefied natural gas, “Arctic LNG 2” on construction of the plant for liquefying of natural gas on resource base of Salmanovskoye field. Their number also includes the project “The Northern Latitudinal Railway” designed to integrate the transport system of Russia into logistic infrastructure of the Arctic zone – the railroad line “Obskaya - Salekhard - Nadym - Pangody - Noviy Urengoy – Korotchayevo” and construction of the motor road “Surgut – Salekhard”, the section “Nadym – Salekhard”.
Attracted funds of enterprises will remain the main source of financing of investment projects in the forecasted period as in the previous ones. At the same time in 2018 - 2020 their share will be gradually reduced in connection with increase in income of enterprises and growth of own assets. The share of external financing during these years will decrease from 75 to 69 percent.
As we should note, by the amount of investments per capita the indexes of Yamal are twenty times larger than the Russian average. By the results of last year, investments in the major capital exceeded one trillion rubles. In the country this symbolic threshold was crossed only by two subjects - Yamal and Moscow.