Arctic aviation will be developed. “Yamal Airlines” will purchase aircrafts of a new generation

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Arctic aviation will be developed. “Yamal Airlines” will purchase aircrafts of a new generation

Civil aviation of Russia started its history from the regulation on organizing of the Council on civil aviation, which was issued on the 9th of February of 1923. The document started work of the structure, which provided people with passenger and cargo air transportations. Today civil aviation fulfills also medical flights, search and rescue operations, delivery of humanitarian help. In Yamal, with its huge distances and developing system of motor roads, work of civil aviation is very significant. 

10 airports operate on the territory of the region today. 7 of them accept and send passengers, cargoes and mail inside the region and out of its limits. The departmental airports of Bovanenkovo, Sabetta and Yamburg provide cargo transportations and flights for workers on a rotation system. In 2017 more than 45 thousand flights were fulfilled from airports of the region, 1679825 passengers were transported, 10502 tonnes of cargos and 950 tonnes of postal items were sent and accepted. More than 10 airline companies are busy with servicing demands of the region.
The list of socially significant directions being subsidized from the budget of the region was enlarged in Yamal in 2018. Now the government of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug supports 22 regular intermunicipal and 8 interregional routes.
The aircraft fleet of domestic production “Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95LR” is being enlarged. Today 10 such aircrafts are used in flights of the company “Yamal Airlines”. The company plans to replenish its fleet with a novelty of domestic aircraft construction – the long-haul aircraft “MS-21”. The aircraft is referred to Russian passenger aircrafts of a new generation. At the present time the aircraft MS-21-200 purposed for transportation of 132-165 passengers and MS-21-300 purposed for transportation of 163-211 passengers are being designed.
Ultra-light aviation is developed actively. The regional Federation of light and ultra-light aircrafts of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug “Wings of the Arctic” exploits 4 aircrafts L-42M and one training aircraft A-22 “Aeroprakt”. They fulfill air patrolling of forest and water funds, conduct flights within scientific and ecological expeditions, deliver cargoes. Now the federation is waiting for replenishment of the fleet with the first Russia’s arctic amphibian aircraft L-172. It is being built in the town Samara on the special order for use in conditions of the Far North. It is planned that the aircraft will be delivered to Yamal in summer of 2018.
As the press-service of the governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug informs, the issue of security on objects of transport plays the important role in passenger transportations. In 2018 it is planned to purchase 24 units of special means, which will help employees of airports to reveal potential threat, not to allow dangerous items to get to the board of aircrafts and thus to prevent from emergency situations.
Work on reconstruction of the airport of the town Noviy Urengoy is taking place. An investor should construct a new building of the airport, to modernize the runway, to equip the airport with passenger loading bridges and provide passengers with services on the level of international standards. In the result of conducting of reconstruction, the carrying capacity of the airport will increase from the current 150-200 people per hour up to 800. After modernization of the runway the airport will be able to receive all kinds of medium-range passenger aircrafts. The term of reconstruction of the airport makes 3.5 years.