The People’s program travelled around the north of the Yamal peninsula

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The People’s program travelled around the north of the Yamal peninsula

Indigenous people of Yamalskiy district approved the People’s program of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and wished for only one thing – it should not stay only on paper and should be embodied to life. 

This information was given on the 9th of February by a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the president of the Association “Yamal is for descendants” Edward Yaungad in the press-center of the news agency “Sever-Press” on the press-conference that took place by the results of the working trip to Yamalskiy district. Beside Edward Yaungad, the working group included specialists of the department of agro-industrial complex, the department on affairs of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North, the department on science and innovations, the veterinary service, representatives of executive bodies of the state power of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug for Yamalskiy district.
During a week the participants of the working trip overcame about 1500 kilometers in tundra, conducted 15 meetings in settlements Novy Port, Mys Kamenniy, Seyakha, Yuribey, trading stations and nomadic camps.
As Edward Yaungad reminds, last June collecting of suggestions to the People’s program of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North was started by the initiative of the governor of Yamal. Representatives of bodies of the state power, local self-government came to people, collected more than 600 suggestions being under authorities of the regional power, the federal center, bodies of local self-government. On the 28th of December the governor signed the regulation on the People’s program. It includes issues of housing, education, healthcare, job placement, ecology and entrepreneurship. Some of them require for bringing in amendments to legislation and normative and legal acts both of the federal and regional levels.
In addition, the issue on fulfillment of the roadmap on development of reindeer husbandry was considered within the trip. The participants of the working group and representatives of indigenous people considered issues of reindeer capacity of pastures, necessity of vaccination.
Edward Yaungad told the journalists about one of directions of the People’s program – development of trading stations. The program foresees return of reception of traditional products to trading stations. Also they can become centers for rendering of state and municipal services. It is difficult for reindeer herders to register documents, it needs to arrive in a settlement, and there is no place to stay there. A trading station can become a kind of the center, where reindeer herders can receive an opportunity to use their rights. Internet is necessary for this aim. Now progress goes forward, and this issue, in spite of cost and difficulty, can be solved, as Edward Yaungad notes.
Also Edward Yaungad tells about a suggestion, which was not included to the People’s program, but should be considered. It touches upon families that remained without reindeer or with their smaller number after the loss of reindeer in 2014. How to help them?
Now these tundra dwellers are busy with fishing, gathering of wild herbs and mushrooms, make national utensils, nomadic sledges. It needs to create conditions, in which they would be able to continue their traditional activity. Installation of small houses near lakes and rivers would help them much, as he notes.