The airport of Sabetta is the best air harbor of Russia

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The airport of Sabetta is the best air harbor of Russia

The international airport “Sabetta” in Yamal became a laureate of the prize “Air Gates of Russia” in the nomination “The best airport 2017”. The airport received the second prize in the category “Airport of regional significance” with the carrying capacity less than 500 thousand passenger per year. Awarding of airports-prizewinners took place within the jubilee National exhibition of infrastructure of civil aviation NAIS – 2018. 

Experts evaluated on criteria objectively reflecting work of terminals and services: quality of servicing of clients, operational indexes, transportation security, non-aviation activity of airports and others. The juries of the prize “Air Gates of Russia” included representatives of leading Russian airline companies, branch experts and heads of associations.
As we should remind, in 2016 the international airport “Sabetta” was recognized the winner of the prize in the nomination “The best airport”. It is a strategic object for fulfillment of the large project “Yamal LNG”. On the 29th of July of 2015, according to the decree of the Russian government, the airport was opened for fulfillment of international flights. The cargo and passenger checking point across the state border was set in it.
This is one of the first Russian arctic airports constructed from scratch with use of special technologies on strengthening of permafrost water-flooded soils. Earlier only a helicopter pad worked here. After appearing of the airport the settlement Sabetta practically is becoming the largest international transportation hub in Yamal. Nearby there is the seaport to provide year-round navigation on the Northern Sea Route and development of Russian icebreaking fleet. Construction of the railroad line connecting the airport of Bovanenkovo with the airport of Sabetta was started.