In Noviy Urengoy the second wave of development joined generations together and inspired for new achievements

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In Noviy Urengoy the second wave of development joined generations together and inspired for new achievements

The team of the social and informational project “Yamal. The second wave of development” arrived to Noviy Urengoy from Nadym. The exhibition-presentation and the concert program took place in the town palace of culture. 

A model of a choum (nomadic dwelling similar to a tepee), Nenets narty (nomadic sledge) and other items of everyday life were set in the exhibition hall of the palace of culture. Everyone was able to get acquainted to national coloring of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North. The organizers brought the planetarium and conducted cognitive sessions. They installed a model of the famous icebreaker “Yamal”, on the background of which it was possible to make good photographs. The ground of face-painting, the show of robots and the photography area were operating.
The creative group included: a famous singer and composer of Yamal Igor Kornilov, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Yamal, a singer Yelena Laptander, the honored employee of culture of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a singer Angelika Kulmametova, the folk-group from Krasnoselkoup district “Machit Koimy” (songs of taiga). Also creative collectives of Noviy Urengoy participated in the concert show.
Visitors learned about history of development of the arctic region, prospects of development of the region, infrastructural and socially significant projects, public initiatives, life and achievements of indigenous northerners, pioneering explorers.
The head of Noviy Urengoy Ivan Kostogryz welcomed the participants of the event. According to him, Noviy Urengoy became destiny for many thousands inhabitants, who had arrived here many years ago. “We respect the working deed of pioneering explorers – people of different professions, who built and developed the town, created systems of education, healthcare and culture. They laid moral and professional milestones for next generations. Many veterans of the North continue their working activity, passing their experience to young workers”, as he said.
Veterans of the town with pleasure remembered how they had arrived to the Yamal North, how they had started their work here, building the town, starting their families. The audience welcomed them with loud applause.
The motto of the program was “work of the pioneering explorers will be continued by younger generations”. Yamal entered the second wave of development: in 2017 the large-scale project “Yamal LNG” was started up, fulfillment of the projects “The Northern Latitudinal Railway”, “Energy of the Arctic” is the next. Yamal remains one of the most stable and prosperous regions. Thanks to socially oriented policy of the regional authorities, housing and social objects are being built in the region. All spheres of life receive an impulse of development. The social and informational project “Yamal. The second wave of development” joined generations together, inspired for new working achievements, charged everyone with positive, as it is informed in the informational and analytical board of the town administration.