The bridge of friendship. A choum will be set, and Nenets melodies will sound in Tyumen

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The bridge of friendship. A choum will be set, and Nenets melodies will sound in Tyumen

The best soloists and national creative collectives of Yamal, Yugra and Tyumen Oblast will participate in the XXIV regional festival of national cultures “The Bridge of Friendship”. It will take place in Tyumen on the 12th of June, the Day of Russia. The concert program includes in total more than 200 creative performances.

The rich cultural program with participation of national cultural associations of Tyumen Oblast and public festivities will start on Tsvetnoy Boulevard for residents and guests of the city. Traditional culture of peoples of the multinational Tyumen Oblast will be presented, folk games and rituals will be conducted, and cooking secrets of national cuisine will be revealed on the folkloric and ethnographic platform “Podvorye” (homestead). More than 40 master classes have been already prepared on traditional folk arts and crafts, playing folk musical instruments, art of folk dances and songs and others. Visitors will be able to take thematic photos for memory.
For spectators and guests of the city the regional public organization of indigenous peoples of the North “Kedr” (Cedar) will reconstruct the national podvorye (homestead): the specialists will set the choum with adornments (dwelling of nomadic people, a tent covered with reindeer hides, it is similar to a tepee), will organize national outdoor games and the photo zone. Craftspeople of “Kedr” are preparing to conduct master classes on bead weaving, choosing the brightest ornaments and weaving techniques, in order each participant would be able to learn about rich culture of decorative and applied art of peoples of the North. They will teach how to weave beads beautifully and also will tell about the meaning of northern ornaments, which serve as a protective amulet for a person.
Traditionally students from Yamal will conduct master classes on making of national handcrafted items and also contests on mas-wrestling, jumping over narty (nomadic sleigh) and throwing a tynzyan on a khorey. (The note: a tynzyan is a rope-lasso for catching reindeer, a khorey is a long pole for driving a reindeer sleigh).
Stepan Yando from the center for national cultures of Tazovskiy district will play Nenets melodies on vargan (the mouth harp). He will invite guests to the shaman’s world with its mysterious sounds. In his opinion, the mouth harp is distinguished from other instruments with its “metallic sounding”. Together with the students from Yamal he will conduct master classes for guests of the festival.
The intellectual contest-quiz “National wealth of Siberia” will be organized at the festival for the first time. The participants will answer questions about peoples of Russia and will receive prizes for correct answers.