Colorings of Estonia and Khakasiya in Yamal

Пятница, 08 июня 2018 11:44 Опубликовано в News in English
Colorings of Estonia and Khakasiya in Yamal

Guests from Estonia will visit the ethnic festival “Soul of tundra”, which will take place in Salekhard from the 9th to the 11th of June. 

A musician Leanne Barbo and professor of Estonian Academy of Arts, a designer Piret Puppart will present originality and coloring of regions of the country. They will share experience and also will demonstrate diversity of cultural heritage of Estonia’s regions.
Also the ethno-rock-band “Irenek Khan” from Khakasiya will arrive in the Polar Circle and will perform on the ethnic festival.
On the original ethnic platform craftspeople from famous centers for folk crafts from Yamal, Yugra, Tyumen and other regions and towns will show unique art-works to the audience in Salekhard. Some of them even will embody their artistic ideas right in front of the audience.
The luckiest town-dwellers will be able not only to see creative process but also to participate in it and also to purchase a unique handmade souvenir, in which there is a particle of own labor.