The scientists from Tomsk made a 3D model of a mummy of a boy from Yamal. A scientist from Tomsk State University Mikhail Vavudin was busy with modeling of ancient remains of the boy and items buried with him. Mikhail Vavudin arrived to Yamal last spring.

The day of natural reserves and national parks is celebrated in Russia on the 11th of January.

In April the scientists plan to organize the second expedition to the southern part of water areas of the Gulf of Ob. The first one took place last year; scientists from Nadym, Barnaul, Moscow and Tyumen participated in it.

The Christmas Fair was completed in Saint Petersburg. Leading agricultural enterprises of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – “Yamalskiye Oleni” and “Yamal Product” suggested the wide assortment of products made of venison and fish.

Russian vessels made the transit trip on the Northern Sea Route in the western direction in December of 2016 - January of 2017 for the first time in history of the Arctic navigation.

The caravan under piloting of the nuclear-powered icebreaker of Atomflot “50 Let Pobedy” included the Arctic shuttle tanker of Sovcomflot “Shturman Ovtsyn”, the ships Audax and “Arktika-1”.

Yamal will receive an educational grant

Вторник, 10 января 2017 14:14

This year Yamal will receive a grant in one million rubles for fulfillment of the project on increase in quality of education in schools with low results and in schools functioning in unfavorable social conditions.

Representatives of the airline company “Aeroflot” conducted an audit and verified conformity of the airport of Salekhard to requirements of the quality system of an air carrier.

Last year “RN-Purneftegaz” increased gas production

Вторник, 10 января 2017 14:13

By the results of last year the company “RN-Purneftegaz” increased gas production up to 6 milliard and 100 million cubic meters. This is on 9.6 percent higher in comparison to 2015.


The yearly Christmas festival of ice sculptures “Star of Bethlehem” took place in Yekaterinburg.


The big travel on dog sleds from Noviy Urengoy to Shokalsky Island planned for March was postponed for next year.


Tyumen Oblast is at the head of the Delphic rating of regions

Понедельник, 09 января 2017 09:04

Tyumen Oblast is at the head of the Delphic rating of regions of the Russian Federation for 2016. As we should remind, the 15th youth Delphic games took place in the regional center in April. The jubilee competitions gathered more than 2000 participants from 80 regions.


This year in the settlement Sabetta customs officers of Yamal registered 120 arrivals of sea ships with cargoes with the total weight in 505 thousand and 60 tonnes and 100 departures of sea ships with cargoes with the total weight in 616 thousand and 900 tonnes.

The baby mammoth Lyuba will come back to Yamal in January

Четверг, 29 декабря 2016 08:44

The baby mammoth Lyuba from Yamal will spend the last one week in Canada.

The second regional qualifying festival on robotics “RoboFest” among schoolchildren will take place in Noyabrsk in January.