A spring bouquet of flowers from a craftswoman from Yamal. New lessons during self-isolation

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Employees of the regional house of crafts continue to hold interesting online master classes for residents of Yamal. The classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday. Today a craftswoman Lyubov Bogdanova is giving one more video lesson “A spring bouquet of flowers” of puff pastry.

As a manager on public relations of the regional house of crafts Aleksey Aidanov tells a correspondent of the news agency “Sever-Press”, such master classes are in great demand, they have large attendance.

“The lessons provide an opportunity to receive knowledge from a craftsperson, who shares valuable information. During the period of self-isolation craftspeople have already given nine lessons and are not going to stop there. In addition, we are currently making videos about craftspeople of the region. We will present them to residents of Yamal. A craftsman of bone and wood carving Semyon Sevli will be the first such hero”, he said.

In addition to the unique master classes, residents of Yamal can take a virtual tour around the natural and ethnographic complex in Gornoknyazevsk or the town estate of merchant Terentyev and listen to history of one exhibit.

All videos of the master classes are posted on social networks VKontakte, Instagram and on the official website of the regional house of crafts (https://odr.yanao.ru/).



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