Communities are receiving first-born reindeer calves. Representatives of the public organization are thinking about the status of enterprises

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The very important and long-awaited event took place in the community of indigenous peoples of the North “Kharp” from Yamalskiy district - the first reindeer calves were born. This year the community is expecting to receive about 30 thousand reindeer calves. The information was given to a correspondent of the news agency “Sever-Press” by the executive director of the Union of reindeer herders of Yamal Timur Akchurin, who had communicated by phone with the chairman of “Kharp” Aleksey Serotetto.

The representative of the community says that today the reindeer herders are well provided with everything necessary, health of nomads and reindeer is normal, the first stage of vaccinating and tagging of reindeer was successful.

Timur Akchurin reminds that the territorial-neighboring community of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North “Kharp” is one of the largest in the region, it consists of 308 people. Its herd has 58 thousand reindeer. Every year the amount of produced reindeer meat is more than 300 tonnes.

A community is a traditional form of social organization that arose naturally in the course of evolution, and now there are more than 50 communities of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North working in the region.

“For preservation and full development of that type of an organized enterprise it is necessary to recognize a community as an agricultural producer”, said the executive director of the Union of reindeer herders. “It is necessary to make appropriate changes to legislation, to develop a federal comprehensive program on preservation and development of indigenous communities of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia, to develop and adopt a package of measures to support communities, including in the part of tax preferences”.

Yamal grazes the largest number of reindeer in Russia - more than 650 thousand. Appearing of about 300 thousand reindeer calves is being expected this year.



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