Gazprom is increasing its resource base in Yamal

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Increase in capacities of the new gas production center in Yamal essential for the country was one of the most significant events for Gazprom last year. Aleksey Miller, the chairman of the management board, said it in the interview following the results of the shareholders’ meeting published on the website of “Gazprom”.

“The year was very, very eventful for Gazprom. If we try to highlight only five important events, then we should start with development of resource base: increase in capacities of the new gas production center in Yamal, which is a key one for the country. In 2019, following Bovanenkovskoye, we started developing Kharasaveyskoye field, which is more northern and unique in terms of reserves”, Aleksey Miller said.

Among other important events he mentioned confident and reliable passage of the autumn-winter season, development of projects in external markets, increase in export potential and growing significance of Russian projects on gas processing.

“Gazprom works confidently. Our margin of safety is high, and dividends are a clear example of that. We will pay 360 milliard 800 million rubles, what is almost the record level of last year, despite the difficult situation that the entire world economy and the energy sector are currently in”, the head of “Gazprom” said.

According to him, the company annually works on replenishment of resource base.

“The coefficient of increase in reserves due to geological exploration consistently exceeds one. It has been like that for the past 15 years and will continue being by the results of 2020. Yamal will provide the main increase. This year we have already discovered other large field here, which we called “75 years of Victory”, said Aleksey Miller.

He notes that the largest investment activity of “Gazprom” is now directed to Yamal and the East. In particular, development of Kharasavey is continued in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug: in June, as planned, production drilling was started.

“A few days ago we started construction of a gas treatment unit. The fifth part of the gas pipeline connecting to Bovanenkovo was welded and laid. Already in 2023 the first gas will go to the Unified Gas Supply System”, Aleksey Miller said.