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Kilometers of the fairy tale. How and who is fascinated by Yamal

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To overcome 3000 kilometers in 12 days by 2 off-road vehicles, to discover Yamal and tell the whole country about it – such an ambitious goal was set by a team of travelers from Perm. On the 5th of January the young people met with residents of the regional capital – the town Salekhard in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of Shemanovskiy.

“We wanted to see with our own eyes that Yamal was not as far away and cold as it seemed”, said Yulia Melnikova, who came to the region for the first time.

The girl was impressed with authenticity of nature and ethnic coloring. Yulia enthusiastically recalls her arrival in Aksarka.

“I immediately got the impression that a movie was being shot here: huge ships in winter, a river, we go out into the street, and we meet Nenets people in ethnic costumes. Oh, actors, I think. It turned out that they were not actors. This is how they live, and it is natural to wear ethnic clothes. They talked to us, did not want to take pictures, explaining that we would sign them wrong in Instagram, then bundled up their child, sat on narty (a nomadic sleigh) and sped off into the dark”.

The winter road to Yar-Salye was closed, and the travelers were not able to see the beauty of Yamalskiy district. At the same time, a long stay in Salekhard was compensated with a visit and an overnight stay in a choum of Galina Mataras. (The note: a choum is a nomadic dwelling, it is similar to a tepee). How to enter the choum, what to do to pay their respects to the hosts and not put oneself in an awkward situation - all the details were explained to the guests. They ate stroganina – frozen fish and went to sleep. The young people shared that they slept, surprisingly, soft, comfortable, better than at home.

The travelers also got acquainted with their colleague in business Yevgeniy Skazka, went on a trip by all-terrain vehicle “Shuttle” to the Polar Urals. A short daylight and a blizzard did not allow them to climb to the top of the Rai-Iz Mountain, but they managed to enjoy the views.

The guests presented the incredible beauty of Perm region, gave presents to the participants of the meeting and invited them to be their guests. The young people underline that they were astonished by exactly indigenous population. How the people lead the traditional way of life, do not leave tundra, pasturing reindeer in the age of urbanization.

“Tell a resident of the capital that every deer here is known by sight and even their claws are cut – they will not believe it. And here it is near; you can reach with your hand”.

The travelers are going to Nadym, then they will visit Noviy Urengoy and Noyabrsk. In 70 kilometers from Nadym they will visit a nomadic camp. Here the young people will meet with members of the expedition “True People” - scientists Alexander Volkovitskiy and Alexandra Terekhina, who are now travelling in this district.

It is possible to find the travelers from Perm in social networks and track their emotions with use of the hashtag #пермьямал2020. Photos can be found here: