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Noviy Urengoy is preparing for the active phase of building of the airport

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It is planned to complete full reconstruction of the air harbor in Noviy Urengoy by the end of 2021. This information was given to the news agency “Sever-Press” by the executive director of the airport “Noviy Urengoy” Roman Bochkov. The capacity of the new airport will four times increase.

The project is unprecedented by scale; the amount of investments will be more than 7 milliard and 200 million rubles. This is the first concession, when the investor takes on itself full-scale reconstruction of the runway and construction of the new terminal complex with the capacity 1 million and 500 thousand passengers per year and the area more than 10 thousand square meters.

“Construction will take three years; the terms are associated with a short construction season. Building process will take place without stopping of operation of the existing airport, passengers will not notice any inconveniences. Reconstruction of the runway will take place without closing of the existing airport”, as Roman Bochkov explained.

The stage of design and directly preparation for the active phase of construction, which will begin in spring of 2019, is taking place now. “Krasaeroproject” is the general designer of reconstruction of the aerodrome and construction of the new air terminal building. The bidding procedure will begin after completion of design.

The new terminal will have national coloring and northern character – comfortable, clear, cozy and hospitable. These are the qualities that northerners are famous for. Following fashion trends, architecture of the air harbor will have a kind of arctic highlight - from a distance the lines of the complex will resemble choums of tundra dwellers - the true owners of this land. (A choum is home for northern nomads, reindeer herders; it is a tent covered with reindeer hides and similar to a tepee). All this national exoticism will be generously flavored with conveniences of the world’s airports - passengers will be able to board the plane without going outside, there will be three telescopic ladders. On the airport square in front of the new terminal it is planned to arrange short-term and long-term parking areas with the capacity of 200 and 300 cars respectively.

Before opening of the new airport passengers will receive pleasant bonuses that will have positive influence on safety and comfort of residents and guests of the town.

“For the present day we increased the capacity of aircraft parking areas from ten to fourteen, fulfilled re-marking, purchased new equipment for towing. In the existing airport we also plan to fulfill reconstruction to create more comfortable conditions for passengers and to increase the capacity”, Roman Bochkov said.

As we should remind, for the first time the layout of the new terminal of Noviy Urengoy was presented to the public at the national exhibition of civil aviation infrastructure NAIS — 2018 in Moscow.