Online-excursions and gastronomic master classes. The virtual “Night of museums” will take place in Yamal

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This year the action “Night of museums” will be held on the 16th of May in the online format. “The 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War” is its main theme, and #НочьМузеев and #КультураОнлайн (“night of museums” and “culture online”) are the main hashtags. At this time museums of Yamal have prepared more than 100 different events: virtual excursions, exhibitions, master classes and quizzes.

The Museum and Exhibition Complex of Ivan Shemanovskiy will open the exhibition of Belarusian artists “Cube of time”, will launch a video blog about activity of museum workers: who they are and what they do. Within the international Museum Week #MuseumWeek, from the 11th to the 17th of May, the main Museum of Yamal is telling about the project “The Way to Victory. Dialogue of arts” for the 75th anniversary of the memorial date, as well as it is recalling history of creation of the Museum and looking into funds.

The town museum of fine arts in Noviy Urengoy will host a series of master classes for children and family audience on Instagram in the live broadcast. Employees of Russian museums from Abakan, Vladivostok and Sevastopol are invited to participate in master classes for subscribers of the channel. Quizzes dedicated to history of the Great Patriotic War and the hero city of Sevastopol are being organized. The automobile online excursion “Legends of Noviy Urengoy” around places of interest will take place on Instagram in the live broadcast.

The town museum of local lore in Labytnangi will open the exhibition “The victorious forty-fifth!” in the live broadcast and will held the excursion with theatrical elements. It will demonstrate the VR project “The battle for the Reichstag” and the zoom-conference “Art of the 20th century in the interwar period”. In addition, the museum is preparing the streaming session with students of the information technology department of Sevastopol State University to discuss the partnership project “Peoples of the Arctic VR”. Also, a master class in the live broadcast will be held with participation of Andrey Vakhrushev, a member of the Union of artists of Russia on the topic “Symbolism of traditional ornaments of peoples of the North”. In addition, the museum will present video recordings of a master class in Komi-Izhma language on cooking of the traditional kulebyaka (a pie with meat, fish, or cabbage filling).

The museum of development of the North in Gubkinskiy planned the action together with the Centralized club system and the children’s art school named after G.V. Sviridov. For online visitors the organizers prepared online exhibitions and tours of the historical exhibition “Three quarters of a century in the victorious formation”, a story about a historical artifact – a soldier’s spoon, the puppet show “Soldier’s porridge”, master classes in face painting “Little hero” and cooking of “the soldier’s bread”. The main place in the online space of the museum will be given to live broadcasts.

The museum of ecology and local lore in Muravlenko is organizing a series of virtual tours, the video conversation “Time faced memory...”, the documentary film “Echo of the war” and the online master class “The Legendary T-34”.

The district museum of local lore in Tazovskiy organized virtual exhibitions of medals issued for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory and propaganda posters from the war. In addition, the museum will offer its visitors the virtual master class “A present to a veteran” and the quiz about memorable places “Memorials and monuments of the Great Patriotic War”.

The district museum of history and local lore in Purovsky district prepared blocks of video tours on the topic “History and legends of items”, traditional intellectual competitions and quizzes on the theme of historical symbols. Gastronomic master classes will be the highlight of the event, and video stories from the series “The item with history” - the novelty.

The district museum complex named after G. S. Puzyryov in Shuryshkarskiy district is organizing the video marathon “Museum through the eyes of children” and video stories of children about the museum. It will also conduct the virtual tour around the closed funds of the museum “Secrets of the museum collection” – “Exhibits of the war” and will show the video film “Night of museums in different years” with the presentation of the brightest moments of the international action in the past years.

Vitaliy Zatler, the chief specialist of the sector of organizational and methodological work in the office of cultural policy in the department of culture of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, notes that all the events will be held on pages of the museums in social networks. More information about the action “Night of museums” can be found on the portals https://museumnight.culture.ru/ and http://культураямала.рф/ (culture of Yamal).



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