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Residents of Yamal checked their knowledge on culture and traditions of people of Russia

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One more big ethnographic dictation was held in Salekhard on the 1st of November. This year the event was timed to the National Unity Day.

In Yamal the large-scale action has been held for the fourth year in a row. 41 venues based on libraries and educational institutions were organized in all municipalities. The northernmost of them is working in a boarding school of the settlement Gyda, Tazovskiy district.

Representatives of the regional and town authorities wrote the dictation together with the residents of the regional capital, who gathered in Yamal Multidisciplinary College. The head of the office for regional development under the department of education of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Grigory Lymar marked symbolism of the dictation before one of the main state holidays of the country - the National Unity Day.

“We are a multinational country. More than 100 nationalities live in peace and harmony, respect and friendship in the Autonomous Okrug. Each of them is unique with its history and culture, language, customs and holidays”, he said.

Grigory Lymar adds that among the participants there are people, who have written dictation not for first time. And in general, for majority of students it will be their first ethnographic dictation.

Andrey Vakhrushev, a teacher of art disciplines in Yamal Multidisciplinary College, developed an original bookmark with northern flavor specifically for the dictation. Every participant of the action received it.

“The dictation necessarily includes the question on culture of peoples of the North. For originality I drew a picture with the Ural Mountains, a choum (nomadic dwelling), a man in ethnic clothes and a deer, all this is significant for the North”, the artist told a correspondent of the news agency “Sever-Press”.

Each of the participants received their own identification number. The ethnographic dictation contains 30 tasks: 20 general for everyone and 10 regional, unique for each subject of the Russian Federation. 45 minutes are given for the dictation. 100 points is the maximum score for the work.

The correct answers to the tasks will be published on the website on the 10th of November, individual results – on the 12th of December.