Tundra-dwellers of Tazovskiy receive support

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Implementation of various measures to support tundra-dwellers is continued in Tazovskiy district. Among them there are social payments, supply of commodity and material values and firewood, support for reindeer livestock and free juridical assistance.

Families leading the nomadic lifestyle and busy in traditional economic sectors, such as reindeer husbandry and fishing, receive social payments, the sum of which has increased from 3 to 5 thousand rubles since the first of January of 2020. In Tazovskiy district more than 3 thousand tundra-dwellers are covered with that monthly payment.

Nomads receive goods necessary for life in tundra within the regional standard for minimum material security. The list of the regional standard includes prime necessities, such as components for a choum (nomadic dwelling, similar to a tepee), tarpaulin, broadcloth, first aid kits, as well as satellite phones with already paid communication services. Support for tundra residents with consumer goods is fulfilled on the basis of applications and is provided in order of priority, as it is informed on the website of the administration of Tazovskiy district.

Tundra families are provided with firewood. Traditionally, the delivery of firewood takes place in two stages: during winter — the wood is delivered to the storage site in tundra, then it is distributed locally. In the summer navigation of 2019 about 12 thousand cubic meters of firewood were delivered to the inter-settlement territory of the district.

In addition to receiving of material and technical values, tundra-dwellers can compensate expenditures for purchase of fuels and lubricants, portable power plants and chainsaws. However, under the terms of the program, the cost of such goods being purchased independently should not exceed 16 thousand rubles.

It is not obligatorily to purchase a portable electric power plant and a chainsaw by own. They can be received within the regional standard. In this case, the service life of the equipment is taken into account. The power plant is operated for at least 5 years, and the chainsaw - for 4 years. Further it is possible to submit applications for new devices.

Supply of compound feeds and mineral additives is another measure of support for peasant farm holdings and private reindeer herders. This support measure is especially relevant in early spring, when the snow cover is still quite dense and reindeer experience shortage of food. Since the beginning of the year more than 70 tundra families have applied for vitamin and mineral concentrates to support reindeer livestock. They were provided with more than 4 thousand kilograms of compound feed and more than 1.6 thousand kilograms of mineral additives.

In addition to financial support and consumer goods, tundra families receive free juridical assistance. Since the beginning of the year more than 20 residents of Tazovskiy, who lead the nomadic lifestyle, have asked for consultations of specialists. More often questions to lawyers are the following: establishing of the fact of birth registration, bringing in changes to acts of civil status, preparing of statements of claim to the court.